What to ask when buying a Used Car

In case, you have been buying a new or used car, you want to make sure that your money has been wisely spent. In order to make sure this happen, there have been some questions you want to ask prior to making a purchase. The buyer should ask these questions from the seller selling used cars in Mumbai. Let us discuss what should you be asking.

How many miles have been on the car?

You should not be required to ask this question, as the mileage of the vehicle is usually disclosed on the website. However, you may want to ask if it has been changed. Few sellers would drive their car around while trying to sell it. In case, someone drives nearly hundred miles a day to and from work, it would considerably enhance the mileage over one or two weeks. The price would depend on a number of factors along with mileage has been one of those important factors.

Whether the car has undergone repairs recently

This answer could lead you to a superb and great car. People usually tend to believe about cars that receive servicing are bad, but all cars require servicing to keep in better condition. With that being said, it does imply that the vehicle has been serviced, recently repaired and up-to-date. This would be good, as it also shows signs of an owner who has taken good care for the vehicle that you would benefit from. Moreover, keep in mind that the more recent the repairs have been, the less you would have to spend on them upfront.

Reason for selling the car

The answer to this question may not affect your decision, but it would be a good idea to have the answer. Let us look at it this manner; will you rather purchase a car from someone who planned to upgrade for getting more room for their children or from someone who look forward to have something better? Several sellers tend to answer the question relatively quickly and on impulse. Therefore, you should get an honest answer.

Can you take a test drive?

It would be imperative that you ask for a test drive before actually buying a car. It would be the best mode to know about the car. By driving the car, you could check for anomalies, if any and whether it suits you in the right manner or not.

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