How Steroids Help Sportsmen to Enhance Their Performances

People have started using anabolic steroids since sixties, which are meant for enhancing human hormone testosterone by using certain synthetic compound. You cannot posses these medications without valid prescription from a qualified doctor. However, it is now sold in open market all over the world and people engaged in professional sports use them extensively to improve their performances.

Used by professional sportsmen

Though every country bans usage of these steroids for competitive sports but still it remains widespread in professional sports all over the world. First time, it was noticed during 1954 where professional sportsmen were found to be using these synthetic hormones in order to gain more strength and endurance.

The world championship for weight lifting was full of controversy when it was found that few Soviet athletes were using these. Soon thereafter Germany started manufacturing Dianabol which is an anabolic steroid, which is still available from many online stores.

Different types of performance enhancers

Today, there are different types of performance enhancers available in the market, which are known as Anabolic steroids, human growth supplements, or stimulants. Sometimes, people confuse steroids as human growth hormone, but steroids are synthetic products, which helps to produce testosterone naturally.

Anabolic steroids can stimulate proteins that help in the development of lean muscle. This aids sportsmen become stronger and can play for a longer time. Most of the athletes all over the world have started using these drugs for participating in any competitive sports.

Most of the sportsmen make use of these steroids for enhancing their performance. However, following sports governing bodies have banned usage of these steroids for competitive sports.

  1. National Hockey League
  2. International Olympic Committee
  3. Major league Baseball
  4. National Football League
  5. National Collegiate Athletic Association
  6. Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  7. International Cricket Council
  8. National Basketball Association

Whether Steroids to be allowed in sports?

This question is discussed in many different forums. Some people are of the opinion that it is time to legalize its usage in competitive sports as most of the professional sportsmen are found to be using them at some point of their career. Therefore, legalizing the usage of steroids makes lots of sense.

This will give people a chance to view the best performance of any sportsman and by legalizing the usage of these steroids will help them to achieve these feats. By banning usage of steroids will force sportsmen to use it in dubious manner.


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