A Wonder Drug Medicine Weight Loss

5-Hyrdpxytryptophan, a chemical produced by the body acts as a natural appetite suppressant is commonly found in food items like cheese, banana, meat and milk. The molecules present in this compound navigate through the body’s blood brain barrier ensuring quicker transmission of blood to the brain thereby alerting the brain’s chemistry. It also helps suppressing the appetite and promoting the quality of sleep thereby aiding in effective weight loss. Clinical studies have shown the effects of this supplement to be usually safe for consumption by humans unless abused by the user. However, there are certain situations when people should refrain from its use such as during pregnancy, breast feeding or nursing.3

Associated cost

Taking the age, weight, height and other parameters into consideration the dosage guideline is recommended. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take appropriate medical advice to ensure consumption of the correct dosage for that particular purpose. For obtaining weight loss effects it provides the best results if taken on an empty stomach one to two hours prior to meal while for sleeping related ailments it should be taken just before bedtime. Users who also need to take vitamin B6 along with this compound have to bear a higher cost burden to generate the desired output.

There are several suppliers in the market for this supplement with each one marketing products of different dosage levels and concentration. Even the online market is flooded with reputed and trustworthy suppliers but caution must be exercised to get hold of a genuine one. But there are many manufacturers whose authorization certificate have expired but is still continuing to market these products. It is better to avoid such supplier as it can lead to purchase of fake ones. The cost of the supplement ranges approximately from $14 for 90 capsules at 33mg per capsule to about $25 for 60 capsules per 100mg capsule.

Safe dosage guidelines

No dosage for any supplement prescribed till date is set on stone, whether it is prescribed for treatment of weight loss or for any other purpose. Same is the case when it comes to 5-HTP as the recommended dosage greatly varies depending upon the purpose of use or the ailment it is being taken for. This compound is known to treat a range of problems like anxiety, sleeping related disorders, depression and much more.The general dosage recommendation varies from 50mg to 100mg capsule to be taken three times daily. Most manufacturers produce capsules in 50mg amounts making it easier to fix the daily dosage level with accuracy.

However, the maximum dosage intake level per day is debatable with some authorities suggesting an uppermost limit of upto 300mg while others restricting it to levels of 100mg. The time of the day when such supplement needs to be consumed is determined by the purpose for which it is to be used.But whatever be the dosage intake the users also need to take vitamin B6 to mitigate the risk of any probable side effects and obtain the maximum possible output.

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